The Repipe Company uses only Uponor brand PEX-a plastic tubing. We use this high-quality product as it is dependable and helps to ensure a long-lasting repipe project. PEX-a has the greatest amount of flexibility of all PEX types. Its shape and thermal memory also allow for the use of ProPEX ® expansion fittings which are the singular fitting system that grows in strength over time. This helps to make the pipes incredibly leak resistant.


Uponor PEX has also undergone extensive periods of intense testing, over the course of a few decades in fact. Since 1973, PEX tubing has undergone hydrostatic tests at very extreme temperatures and pressures, up to 203 203°F and 239 psi. After 30-year life cycle tests were completed, there was not a single piece of Uponor PEX that had broken down or failed.


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