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We just had our 80-year old house in Galveston repiped by Jose and is crew. They were fast and efficient. The City Inspector (a Master Plumber) gave their work an “A+”! We are very pleased with the results, service and communication provided by the Repipe Company. – Linda M., November 2019

I am beyond happy with the superior quality of service from The Repipe Company! Carlos and his team came highly recommended from other neighbors; however (no offense to Carlos), but because his bid was so economical, I did major research on his company prior to signing the dotted line, because it was hard to believe I could get the work done for this price!! After the research, I went with Carlos and I am so happy I did!! Carlos and his team are professional, efficient and very thorough. From beginning to end, the process was explained in detail. The workmanship is excellent and the teams doing both the repipe and the sheetrock repair/painting were phenomenal. Don’t let the young faces fool you — these guys know what they are doing! The sense of relief from knowing I will not come home to any more water leaks is beyond measure. So is the quality of service and workmanship from Carlos and his team. Trust the reviews!! I have already given the phone number out to many of my friends and neighbors, and have listed them on our Nextdoor website — I cannot emphasize enough that you will not regret going with the Repipe Company! – Mari A., April 2019

I can’t thank you enough for your personal visit to my home soon after I contacted your company after disaster struck at my residence – with burst galvanized pipes. As well, your team of professional men who converged at my residence on the scheduled day to do the necessary repiping work, were professional, efficient, and a pleasure to watch as they milled around like “ants at a picnic”.  None of the guys stopped their work – until they were finished.  I can’t say enough about their efficiency and dedication to getting everything right. In addition, Nestor and his father were second to none – when it came to their part in doing all the repair work with the sheetrock, texture and the matching the paint color. In-as-much as this was not a planned event – I appreciate the fact that your company was there – and that the work was done correctly.

Thank You Again – Jon R., December 2019

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