Our Mission Is Our Promise

Our mission is simple – to be the best provider of superior quality residential home repiping in the Houston area. Our team of repipe specialists offers the most efficient, affordable and reliable repiping services in the area, and guarantee we will provide you the best products installed by experienced, highly trained technicians. Our technicians have all been certified by Uponor to install their Class A tested and approved PEX piping.

Our Commitment as Your Houston Repiping Company

We will strive to provide a professional but simple repipe process, plus an industry-leading warranty, at the most affordable cost to you.

Our Focus

Our main goal is to keep the total cost of the repiping project to a minimum while still providing top-quality service and installation. We pay close attention to every aspect of the repiping project and work hard to keep your costs down. We know the entire process can be somewhat disruptive and always get your approval on everything we do.

To Our Customers From The Owner:

“As in our previous statement published September 9th, 2021 we thank you for your ongoing support in considering our services for all your whole home repiping, plumbing and sewer drain needs. Our continued goal to uphold the best customer service, quality workmanship, and of course, overall price in the business has been a success thanks to the city of Houston and surrounding cities. We’ve strived to become Houston’s go-to premier repiping, plumbing service, and sewer drain company that does turnkey work at the most affordable rates.

Having created the motto “Home of the $4995 turn key repipe” to differentiate us from the competitors we’ve had many years of success. This tag line was also created most importantly for our customers to know we as a company does not pick and choose pricing depending on the area, as we are committed to giving all customers across the board the same fair deal. Unfortunately, we have been cornered into increasing our prices for our services once again due to the ongoing inflation affecting our overall operations.

We make this statement public to be completely transparent to each and every past, existing, and future clientele. As 80-90% of our business is a word of mouth referral calling us in particular for our $4995 deal, unfortunately, this deal will not be available any longer nor in the foreseeable future. Although this price increase is necessary we will still provide standard Sheetrock repair at the time of the repiping project at no additional cost unless stated on the initial bid or for any other unforeseen repairs or necessary charged add on’s. We do plan to enhance our repiping style with additional add on’s necessary for today’s everyday changing city and state regulation codes justifying the cost full proofing the quality of every job.

As always we strive to not be undersold by our major competitors (larger companies in town) and believe our work ethic, quality, warranty as well as what we offer on every job that no other company in town offers along with our past reputation we will win our customers trust.”

By Owner May 27th, 2022

The Repiping Process

Before you make a commitment, whether large or small, we will provide you with a free estimate of the job cost. Our evaluation includes a complete review of the existing pipe condition and damage. All rooms with pipes will be surveyed if you are considering a full repiping project. We will go over what you can expect while your home is going through the repiping process, so there won’t be any surprises.

A Thorough Team of Repipe Specialists

When the repiping is completed, all pipes will go through a thorough testing process to ensure a proper installation, and if no leaks are discovered, we will repair all drywall at no extra cost to you.


Our Service Area

We are proud to help residents of the Greater Houston, Texas area. Browse our list of communities we serve, or feel free to give us a call at 713-665-3257 to see if we can help you.

Our Guarantee

Our Houston repipe team guarantees a job satisfaction or we will work with you until you are happy. At The Repipe Company, our word still matters and a simple hand shake will motivate us to provide the best service we can possibly offer you. We won’t rest until you are 100% satisfied.