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Faucet Repair Services in Houston TX

From kitchen faucets to outdoor spigots, every type of faucet in your home is important to keep an eye on. Leaky or dripping faucets cause damage not only to your home but your wallet too. If you need faucet repair services, contact The Repipe Company to help you today. Our team of expert plumbers can repair any faulty faucet in or outside your home. The Repipe Company is a professional and trusted local Houston plumbing company that provides reliable, top-quality, and affordable faucet repair services.

Faucet Repairs

  • Indoor Leaky or Dripping Faucet Repair

    If you are experiencing leaky or dripping faucets inside your home, chances are you need some minor repairs. It is common for faucets to leak or drip over time from everyday wear and tear and a leaky faucet can be a sign that your faucet’s hardware is failing. Other reasons your faucet is leaky, or dripping are:

    • Faulty seals that need replacement or tightening
    • Broken hardware such as handles or valves
    • Corroded valve seat
    • Problems with the O-ring

    The Repipe Company can easily discover what faucet repairs you need and ensure it is completed properly and efficiently. Our team has highly trained and experienced technicians and extensive knowledge on all types of faucets.

  • Outdoor Leaky or Dripping Faucet Repair

    Sometimes, the faucets outside your home can leak or drip too and often go unnoticed. Even a slow drip is a reason to inspect your faucet. Neglected leaky faucets can lead to foundation damage, mold, and gallons of water wasted. Some causes for outdoor leaky or dripping faucets are:

    • Frozen or damaged pipes
    • Aged faucet
    • Loose components in the faucet
    • Worn out washers

    Outdoor faucets are also vulnerable to damage over the winter months, so winter proofing your faucets is something to consider. If you suspect your outdoor faucets are damaged and are dripping, The Repipe Company can help determine the problem and easily fix the damage without breaking the bank.

When does my faucet need to be repaired?

Knowing when you should repair your faucet can be tricky. If your faucet is fairly new and giving you problems for the first time, more than likely the faucet is in need of a few repairs. If your faucet is old and you have already done multiple repairs on it, it might be time to replace your faucet all together.

Repairing your faulty faucet can be a simple fix, like replacing a washer or an O-ring, and can be the most cost-effective solution especially if it is a first-time repair. Here are a few common faucet problems requiring repairs:

  1. Leaks and Drips: First sign that your faucet’s hardware might be failing is a leaky or dripping faucet. Leaks around the faucet handle can point to problems with the O-ring and can be fixed by replacing the old O-ring. If your faucet is dripping around the spout, you could have a worn-out washer or corroded valve seat. Water sediment that builds up in the valve seat can cause corrosion and dripping from the faucet spout – regular maintenance and cleaning can help to avoid build up and future repairs.
  2. Problems with Water Pressure: If you notice that one of your faucets is lacking or varying in water pressure, a repair might be required. The water flow should be constant and have steady pressure, anything less or more could be a sign of a clogged cartridge or other internal damage.
  3. Improperly Installed Parts: More common than not, improperly installed parts in your faucet could be causing those annoying drips. While inconvenient, it is an easy repair. Sometimes it is the wrong size washer or O-ring and reinstalling the correct size should fix the problem.

Faucet Replacement & Installation Services in Houston TX

Are you ready to replace or upgrade your faucets? The Repipe Company can help you select and install the highest quality faucet for your budget. With over 20 years of combined experience in the repiping and plumbing industry, The Repipe Company offers a free detailed evaluation consultation with a written price upfront. Although faucets are small parts, we know they play a crucial part in every household which is why our team of licensed plumbers can assist in determining your faucet needs and get your home back to operating efficiently.

When Should You Replace Your Faucet

A total faucet replacement often costs more than repairs but, in some cases, can be more cost-effective in the long run especially if your faucet has been repaired multiple times or is reaching its maximum life span. So how do you know when to call The Repipe Company to come out and replace your faucet? Here are some common indicators you need a new faucet:

  • Faucets that do not work at all

    Faucets that do not turn on correctly or at all can be a huge indicator it is time for a replacement. The faucet could be clogged by mineral deposits, damaged by rust, or have broken valves and handles. Whatever the cause might be, The Repipe Company are experts in replacing faucets and will help get your faucet up and running again.

  • Faucets rusted into place

    Corrosion and rust can cause a faucet’s handle to break or become stuck. Rust on faucets is caused by the metal parts being exposed to air and moisture causing a chemical reaction that eats away the metal. The layers of rust mixed with buildup can cause the metal parts to bond together and your faucet immoveable. When this problem happens, the best solution is for a faucet replacement.

  • Multiple repairs

    If your faucet is going on its zillionth repair and its repairs are totaling to be worth more than the actual faucet, it is time to replace the entire faucet. Look to replace your old faucet with a higher quality one that offers warranty or a low-flow faucet to reduce water waste and lower energy bills.

  • Squeaky Handles

    Occasionally squeaky faucet handles can be fixed by applying a little grease, but if that doesn’t do the trick it might be time to consider a new faucet. If there is some resistance when turning on and off the faucet it could be a sign that the parts have rusted through which could lead to water quality issues and be another reason to replace the faucet.

  • Wobbling

    It is common for faucets to become loose over time, but constant wobbling can actually cause damage to your plumbing. The usual suspect is a loose nut that holds the faucet base and head together. If you’re experiencing constant wobbling after tightening the parts, you might have damaged threads on the bolt and need a replacement.

Types of Faucets You Can Install

When it comes to faucet repairs and replacements, understanding the type of faucet in your home is crucial before deciding to fix or upgrade your faucets. Some faucets are more ideal to install in a kitchen, like a ball faucet, while cartridge faucets would work better in a bathroom. Find out more below about the four types of faucets.

  • Cartridge Faucet:

    Most common in households, cartridge faucets can have one or two handles and are smoother and more consistent than other types of faucets. This type of faucet includes a cartridge which is a plastic or metal piece that controls the water flow from both hot and cold lines. When you turn on the faucet, the cartridge piece is pushed forward uncovering the water flow and depending which temperature you want, you rotate the cartridge to block either side of the water lines. Cartridge faucets are reasonably priced and easy to repair if required.

  • Compression Faucet:

    Typically found in older homes, compression faucets require two handles, for hot and cold, that you tighten and untighten to control water flow. The faucets work by using a compression stem in each handle which is a basically a large screw with rubber washers on the end. When tightened the washer is pushed against the valve seat to stop water flow. Generally, less expensive than other types of faucets and easy to find, compression faucets are good for DIY installations but do frequently leak and require repairs periodically.

  • Ball Faucet:

    The first type of washerless faucet, ball faucets were designed with a single handle to control hot and cold water and are commonly found in kitchen sinks. The handle rotates over a rotating ball inside the faucet and controls the flow and temperature of the water.

  • Ceramic Disc Faucet:

    A more modern and reliable type of faucet, the ceramic disc faucet can be identified by its single lever handle over a large cylindrical body. It mixes hot and cold water inside a chamber called a pressure balanced cartridge and contains two ceramic discs at the bottom that goes up and down to control the volume of water flow. The lever moves side to side to adjust the water’s temperature. Ceramic disc faucets are designed to not need maintenance very often.

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