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When Should My Sink Be Replaced?

Your sink is one of the most used appliances in your home. If it is broken, it can become an inconvenience to you, your family, or your visitors. Over time, wear and tear of your sink can lead to bigger issues. Here are a few ways to spot if your sink needs a replacement soon.

  • Rust: Pipes rusting under your sink could cause leaks. It is important to replace these as soon as the problem is discovered. If you are unsure of the state of your pipes, give The Repipe Company a call and we can help!
  • Continuous clogging: If your sink is constantly clogging, this can prevent you from completing daily tasks. Bathroom sinks typically clog due to hair getting stuck in the pipes. Kitchen sinks can clog for several reasons, including an inefficient garbage disposal, grease buildup, or kitchen items getting stuck.
  • Aesthetics: Home renovation trends are always changing, and sinks play a big role in giving your home a modern look and feel. If you feel that your sink is outdated, contact us to give it a fresh look!
  • Consistent repairs: Having to get your sink repaired often can be frustrating. After a certain number of repairs, it is best to replace the entire sink to ultimately save time and money.

Parts of a Sink That May Need to be Replaced

Kitchen and bathroom sinks contain many parts. Some parts, such as the faucet, may need to be replaced more often than others. If you are unsure about what part of your sink needs replacing, here is a list of common areas and their functions.

  • Basin: This is the main bowl of your sink.
  • Faucet: The faucet is where your water supply comes out of.
  • Faucet aerator: The tip of the faucet that controls the flow of water.
  • Drain: This essential part of a sink drains the water from your basin into the pipe underneath.
  • Tailpiece: The tailpiece empties water from the sink into the p-trap.
  • P-trap: This pipe is located under the sink and prevents sewage odors from leaking through your sink and into your home.
  • Garbage disposal: Installed only in kitchen sinks, garbage disposals prevent clogs and odors by breaking down food waste.
  • Stoppers: Installed only in bathroom sinks, stoppers allow you to plug the sink.

Give The Repipe Company a call if you notice any changes to these parts of your sink.

The Repipe Company’s Sink Installation and Repair Process for Houston, TX

The Repipe Company provides high-quality sink installation and repair services to homes across the Houston area. Our team offers free consultations that will help you decide the next steps in replacing or repairing your sink.

Don’t go through the stress of repairing or installing your sink on your own. Allow our team to help!

Sink Installation Services

The sink installation process has many steps, and it is crucial to ensure all parts are installed correctly to prevent damage to your home. That is why we highly recommend professional installation to avoid any mishaps.

Installing a Kitchen or Bathroom Sink

There are several things to consider when choosing a new sink and installing it – whether the sink will fit, if it will match the style of your home, and what parts are needed. Allow our team to help by setting up a free consultation!

Our team is dedicated to transparency through the whole installation process. Our sink installation methods follow this format:

  1. Measuring your space: We will measure your counter space and help you choose the sink(s) that will best fit your needs. Following the consultation, we will prepare the sink you chose and schedule an installation time.
  2. Shutting off the water supply: Upon installation, we will shut off the water supply to the sink. If it is a kitchen sink, we will disconnect the dishwasher and garbage disposal connections. We will then remove the current appliance and plumbing.
  3. Cleaning the remnants & installing the sink: After we have cleaned the remnants of the old sink, we will install the new faucet and sink.
  4. Installing the plumbing: Next, our team will install the plumbing underneath. This is an important step as the drain, gaskets, and pipes must be installed properly for the unit to work. If you have opted for a new garbage disposal, we will install this as well.
  5. Reconnecting your water supply: When our team has finished the installation, we will reconnect the water supply and test that there are no issues or leaks occurring before leaving your home.

Choosing the right sink for your home may seem overwhelming at first. The Repipe Company is here to help you decide what sinks will fit best throughout your home!

Kitchen Sink Types

A few kitchen sink styles include:

  • Double bowl sink: A double bowl sink is what you will find in many homes. These sinks have two basins, one typically connected to the garbage disposal and the other to a standard drainpipe.
  • Drop-in sink: These sinks are installed on top of the counter, so they have a lifted rim. Drop-In sinks fit with most countertop structures, which is why you will find this to be one of the most popular sinks installed in Houston homes.
  • Undermount sink: Installed from underneath, undermount sinks do not have a rim, which allows for more counter space and easier cleaning.
  • Farmhouse sink: These sinks are known for their deep basin and open-front design.
  • Bar sink: These sinks are typically smaller than your standard kitchen sink, and you will find them on kitchen islands or bar areas in a home.
  • Drainboard sink: A drainboard sink can be valuable to individuals who prefer washing dishes by hand, as the drain board allows dishes to dry next to the sink.

Bathroom Sink Types

A few bathroom sink styles include:

  • Drop-in bathroom sink: Similar to the drop-in kitchen sink mentioned above, drop-in bathroom sinks are those that have a lifted rim around the countertop.
  • Undermount bathroom sink: As mentioned above, undermount sinks are installed from below the counter.
  • Vessel sink: These sinks are known for their unique design with the basin sitting on top of the counter.
  • Pedestal sink: As the name implies, these sinks are shaped as a pedestal and are typically installed as one unit with the plumbing inside. These sinks restrict counter space, which is why you will usually find them in half-baths, or bathrooms with minimal space.
  • Wall mount sink: Wall mount sinks are a great option if your bathroom does not allow for a lot of counter space. These sinks give a sleek design to your bathroom.
  • Vanities: Along with the sink, vanities include counter space and storage cabinets.

Warning Signs That Your Sink Needs a Repair

We use sinks so often that small damages or repairs can go unnoticed if they aren’t interrupting your day. To keep your sink working properly, here are a few common issues you should regularly check for.

  • Damage to the under sink plumbing, such as broken pipes
  • Faucet leaking around the base
  • Cracks or chips in the basin
  • Clogging
  • Unusual sounds coming from the sink

Sink Repair Services

Our experts at The Repipe Company are here assist with any issues your sink is having. A few of the kitchen and bathroom sink repair services we offer include:

  • Sink unclogging: If you notice your sink is draining slower than usual, it may be clogged. The Repipe Company can clean this mess up quickly.
  • Fixing chips or cracks: A small crack or chip in your sink’s basin can grow over time and cause leaks. We can patch up these to prevent further damage to the plumbing in your home.
  • Repair broken pipes or valves: If you find a leak under your sink due to a broken pipe or value, contact us to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Other Plumbing Services for the Houston Area

Some of our other plumbing services available to the Houston area include:

To view the full list of our plumbing services, visit our main plumbing page.