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The Repipe Company specializes in sewer line repair and replacement solutions for homes in Houston, Texas. We are professionally qualified individuals with proven expertise in plumbing and sewer services. From general issues to extensive repair requirements, our team can assess and plan with efficiency, affordability, and reliability.

Who to Call For Sewer Line Repair? 

Sewer line repairs are a job done best by professionals.

A break or blockage can begin as a minor inconvenience but could worsen if not handled by the experts. Fortunately, sewer lines aren’t shy about letting us know when they aren’t properly functioning.

From the first notice, allow us to reach the root of your complications by scheduling an appointment to examine the complexity of the services required. Once our servicing recommendations are approved, our highly trained team will service the home’s main sewer connection with trusted repair tools and machinery.

3 Potential Causes Of A Sewer Line Blockage 

It’s important to note what may cause clogs in your plumbing system and what objects to be aware of before letting them go down the drain. Main sewer line blockages are one of the top plumbing issues homeowners can encounter. Although having an expert assess the issue is best practice, it is vital to understand why the clog happened. Here are three common causes of sewer line blockage:

  1. Old Sewer System 

If your sewer lines have aged, they are likely weak, cracked, or ready to collapse. Over the years, drains tend to form scale buildup on the inside regardless of the material. The older the pipes, the rougher the surface will be, eventually clogging the most affected areas. Additionally, city plumbing lines could easily be 40 to 50 years old. The quicker homeowners contact us, the more opportunities there are to avoid complicated sewer line maintenance.

  2. Damages Caused by Tree Roots 

Tree root intrusion is one of the most invasive causes of a main sewer line blockage. The process begins when roots protrude through deteriorating materials and grow through the piping until they eventually burst. There are several ways this can take place, so we recommend having your mainline inspected by professionals every six months.

  3. Municipal Sewer Issues 

What could be worse than a sewer line blockage? One that affects the entire city and becomes a threat to the local drinking water. If your main drain system clogs due to a public sewer line, the city oversees repairing blockage to the underground pipes. In such cases, homeowners are still responsible for sewer line repair or replacement via trusted professionals.

How The Repipe Company Can Repair Your Sewer Line 

The Repipe Company services the surrounding Houston area with a focus on providing top-quality solutions while keeping the total cost of maintenance projects to a minimum. From the most disruptive damage to simple and quick remedies, we are committed to fulfilling proper repairs with a free estimate and satisfaction guaranteed.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Services 

The average cost of a sewer line repair depends on the gravity of the clog and how promptly The Repipe Company technicians can examine the situation. Homeowners are encouraged to reach out once an issue surfaces. Our trusted and highly qualified team will assess the residential sewer line for same-day repair or maintenance.

  Traditional Sewer Line Replacement 

Although known as one of the most invasive forms of mainline repair, a replacement is the best route when your pipes become too damaged or weak. It requires technicians to excavate your property to reveal the affected lines, and allows technicians to reach the root of the issue and treat it with preventative practices.


  • Install a modern sewer line
  • Improved sewer line monitoring systems

Saves time and money by not incurring with contractors

Top 3 Ways to Prevent A Clog In Your Sewer Line 

Although there are many methods for preventing a main line clog or blockage, these are the first approaches we recommend for homeowners to avoid damage to their pipes.

 1. Get A Sewer Line Inspection 

The qualified technicians at The Repipe Company can assess the damage to your main line by ‘scoping’ or using a camera to inspect the area. We offer a same-day free estimate for repairs to help you efficiently protect the integrity of your home.

 2. Avoid Putting The Following Items Down The Drain 

Remain mindful of your drainage system and avoid disposing of items like toilet paper, grease, soap scum, hair, or other products marketed as “flushable.” These are the most popular culprits of sewer damage and can result in requiring costly repairs.

 3. Clean Your Sewer Line Periodically

Flush your drains once per month to avoid buildup or blockage to your sewer system. Proceed by filling up your tub or sink and allowing it to drain. This method also notifies you of clogs or potential dangers to the main line.

Other Sewer & Draining Services in Houston, TX

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