Branching Lines

These are lines of pipe that connect to horizontal pipes to access points like tub and sink faucets, shower heads and washing machines.


This is the part of the repiping process in which a home’s portable water system is shut off and newly installed pipes are then tied-in to your home’s faucets and facilities. Changeover usually takes approximately 1-2 days.

Cross Links

This is a bond that links polymer chains to one another. Crosslinking is most frequently used when making a material more elastic without compromising its strength. Crosslinked piping can expand easily up to 3.5 times it’s initial diameter and also return to its original size without wearing on the material.

Distribution Pipes

These pipes transport cold and hot water throughout your home. These pipes connect to the potable water supply line on a house.

Horizontal Repipe

Horizontal pipes are usually located in attics. Overall, we recommend a whole-home repipe to replace horizontal pipes. If pinholes and rust spots exist on the pipes in the attic, then it is most likely that rust is present.


These holes appear when rust has completely eaten through the pipe all the way. Water that leaks out of pinholes is referred to as a pinhole leak.

Point of Use (POU)

This is the location of a water device, like a water heater or filter, for a specific demand source. An example of a demand source would be a sink or a shower.

Potable Water

This is the clean water that runs through a home for drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning, bathing, etc.


Rerouting occurs when there is a problem with the piping under the slab foundation. The relocation of the new piping to a wall or ceiling allows for later ease of access.

Rust Spots

These appear as reddish-brown spots on pipe. These are areas where pipe has rusted completely through, thus creating a pinhole that becomes clogged by rust debris.

Safety Shut Off Valve

This is a valve on a home’s pressurized potable water supply system. It allows for safe closing off of water to a home’s piping systems. The valve is utilized to “turn off” the flow of potable water in your home when a changeover occurs.

Shower Shock

This occurs when the temperature of one water outlet in a building or home is affected by the use of another water outlet within that same building or home.


This refers to the connection of a pipe to a facility (toilet, faucet, sink), or another piping system or particular section of pipe.

Water Service Pipe

This is the pipe that leads to a home’s water distribution system. It is connected to the main water line, which supplies water to all of the buildings and homes in a given area. During a whole home repipe or a horizontal repipe, this pipe is left as-is.

Whole Home Repipe

This is what occurs when a home’s pressurized potable water distribution system is replaced.