How Do I Know When I Should Repipe My House?

You should repipe your home if the following applies

  • Have the pipes surpassed the average lifespan?
  • Are the pipes made of lead, polybutylene, or galvanized steel?
  • Are you experiencing constant plumbing problems?

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How Do I Know if There is Lead in My Drinking Water?

You can detect lead in your drinking water by doing the following:

  • Test your drinking water with a laboratory kit
  • Determine the types of pipes in your home

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How Much Does It Cost to Repipe a House?

While the majority of repiping jobs fall between $4,200 and $6,000 on average when installing PEX pipes, the cost to repipe a house can range anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000+ depending on a variety of variables

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How Long Does It Take to Repipe a House?

The time it takes to repipe your home depends heavily on the size of the home and the amount of fixtures it has. But the project can range from 2 days to a week.

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What Types of Plumbing Materials Do You Use?

The Repipe Company uses only Uponor brand PEX-a plastic tubing. We use this high-quality product as it is dependable and helps to ensure a long-lasting repipe project. PEX-a has the greatest amount of flexibility of all PEX types. Its shape and thermal memory also allow for the use of ProPEX ® expansion fittings which are the singular fitting system that grows in strength over time. This helps to make the pipes incredibly leak-resistant.

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Should I Use a Repipe Company or a Plumber?

Plumbers usually do not specialize in repipe projects, however, we do. We focus entirely on repipes, thus our process is incredibly efficient, streamlined and is completed using only the best materials. We have extensive knowledge and experience when working repiping projects that goes beyond that of a contractor or a plumber. Our entire team of technicians are certified by Uponor to install Class A tested and approved PEX piping.

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What Is the Difference Between PEX and Copper Repiping?

While both are workable solutions for repipe projects, there are many unique advantages that PEX pipe offers that cannot be found with copper.

The most common reason why people generally choose PEX piping over copper is that there is less of a risk for leaks with PEX piping. PEX also does not degrade as copper does and it is able to handle water at freezing temperatures more so than copper. It is also more cost-effective as it requires less time and labor to install.

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Is There a Warranty for Your Repiping Work?

The Repipe Company offers an industry-leading lifetime guarantee warranty, at the most affordable cost to you. On top of 60-month interest-free financing, we offer warranties for life. It is also transferable if the house is sold within 10 years!

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Do You Subcontract Repipe Projects?

The entirety of The Repipe Company’s staff is employed under our company. We do have subcontractors for sheetrock purposes, however, they also work for The Repipe Company. Pipe installation is not contracted out to a different company, it is all done in-house.

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