There are a few common indicators that are usually present if it is time to repipe your home. If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your home, it may be time for a repipe.

Leaking Pipes

Several things can cause pipes to leak. If the primary issue is localized to one area, then it may simply be that pipe or joint segment. However, if leaking pipes are a problem all over and there are issues such as corrosion or water discoloration, then it is now the time to repipe.


Low Water Pressure

Water pressure should maintain a consistent state over time. However, if it decreased or if it is lower then you may have an issue with your pipes and they may be due for a replacement.


Pipe Corrosion

Assess the condition of your pipes by looking for corrosion damage and signs of rust. If either of these are clearly noticeable, then it is time to repipe your home.


Rusty-colored Water

The color of water can be a great indicator as to the condition of the pipes. An example is pipes that turn red in color when they are rusting, and corrosion is taking place. If there is discoloration in water when you turn on the faucet, that eventually becomes clear, there could be serious damage or corrosion in the interior sections of the pipe and it is most likely time for a replacement.


Extreme Temperature Changes

When adjusting the handle of a faucet, if there is a disproportionate change in temperature of the water when more than one outlet is in use, it may be an indication that pipes need to be replaced.


Noises Coming From Pipes

Older pipes will often sound creaky or loud. If the pipes are creating more noise than what is usual, they most likely need updating.


Off Smell In Water

Water that tastes or smells poor can be a strong indicator of pipes that are deteriorating. This may indicate a singular, larger problem or a few smaller issues. Regardless, it is time for a repipe.


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