Many people debate repiping with either PEX or copper. While both are workable solutions for repipe projects, there are many unique advantages that PEX pipe offers that cannot be found with copper.


The most common reason why people generally choose PEX piping over copper is because there is a less of a risk for leaks with PEX piping. PEX also does not degrade like copper does and it is able to handle water at freezing temperatures more so than copper. It is also more cost effective as it requires less time and labor to install.  The resulting cost savings is usually about 25% less on average than copper pipes. It is also a great product for spaces that are small or hard to maneuver as it is very flexible and held together with fittings.

PEX vs. Copper Repiping

Take a look at the break down to see how PEX piping and copper piping stack up against one another.
CostPEX is less expensive to install than copper piping
Installation TimePEX can be installed quicker than copper, primarily because it is more flexible and less fittings are required
CorrosionThere is no corrosion with PEX piping
DurabilityPEX is both flexible and durableCopper piping is durable
Sun ExposurePEX cannot be exposed to the sunCopper can be exposed to the sun
NoisePEX allows water to flow more quietly, as the “water hammer” noise of copper is virtually eliminated

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