A standard repipe project is broken apart into a few different phases:


  • The first step is the prep work. When it comes to a repipe, we are essentially replacing the entirety of the water supply system in the home. In order to gain access to water lines, there are holes that will be necessary to cut out in drywall and sometimes other areas of the home. When we evaluate the home, we will let you know of any areas that we will need access to. Any items in cabinets or vanities will need to be removed.


  • We will then need to remove sections of drywall so that we can gain access to replace the pipes. During this process, we will cover any furniture, floors and other important belongings so that the work does not result in a mess in your home. After the repiping is finished, we will test to make sure that water is flowing successfully through all pipes. This will generally take about 2.5 days depending on the size of the home.


  • Another necessary component that is a part of this process is obtaining a permit from the city to proceed and get a city inspection. Every state in the country has a process that is required by the resident and/or contractor doing jobs related to plumbing. The Repipe Company will handle this process for you and any permits necessary are already included in the cost of the project.


  • Lastly, we then patch any drywall holes made to install the new piping and replace any necessary sheetrock. We also provide texture and paint services at the conclusion of a repipe project.


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