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What Is Under Slab Tunneling?

Houston homeowners understand the dreaded feeling of a plumbing or sewer line issue arising, only to be told fixing the problem will wreak havoc in the main rooms of their house.

Fortunately, under-slab tunneling is a convenient way to avoid this mess.

Under-slab tunneling is the practice of creating a tunnel underneath the foundation of a home where a plumber can crawl into and fix the issue at hand, without causing any damage to the inside of the home.

This work can be done by a professional foundation company; however, most foundation companies only do the tunneling without fixing the piping issues at hand. At The Repipe Company, we are licensed to do both tunneling and plumbing repairs in Houston, making us your one-stop shop for these types of repairs.

When is Under Slab Tunneling Needed?

There are various cases where under slab tunneling is the most recommended option for repairs.

If you would like to avoid repairs occurring inside the home that could cause damage to your floors, under slab tunneling is the way to go. This also means staying in your home throughout the duration of the repair and avoiding the inconvenience of temporarily moving out.

The Repipe Company is here to answer any questions you may have about the use of under slab tunneling. Contact us today for help!

Benefits of Under Slab Tunneling

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why under-slab tunneling is a common practice. The main reason is to avoid damage to their home’s foundation and avoid in-home damage to flooring, walls, appliances, etc. It also protects the home from harmful materials that could enter through a broken slab.

Under Slab Tunneling Vs. Breaking the Foundation

Breaking the foundation is another common repair method that involves digging into the slab through the home. This method involves damaging the floor inside the home to reach under the foundation. Many homeowners dislike this method due to the noise, dirt, and damage it can bring to the inside of their homes.

This practice was most commonly used in the past, but many individuals now find under slab tunneling to be more convenient for sewer line repairs.

To avoid the mess of breaking your home’s foundation, contact The Repipe Company to schedule a consultation for our under slab tunneling service today!

The Repipe Company’s Under Slab Tunneling Process for Houston, TX

Many homeowners believe they can create a tunnel and fix the matter on their own. While some DIYers enjoy a challenging project, The Repipe Company strongly advises against taking on under slab tunneling alone. It is a dangerous practice that must be performed by a professional to ensure the safety of all residents in the home and quality plumbing adjustments.

If you choose The Repipe Company for your under slab tunneling project, our process will look like this.

    1. First, we will provide a free consultation to gain more information about the issue at hand. This is where we will discuss pricing and timeline for the project and address any questions the homeowner has. We will then schedule a day and time for the tunneling to begin.
    2. Once it is time for your appointment, our team will begin digging the tunnel to the broken sewer line outside of the home. Typical sizing of an under slab tunnel will depend on the affected area and required repairs. To avoid extra costs and wasted time, we will create the shortest path to the affected area.
    3. Next, our team will crawl under the tunnel to fix the plumbing issue at hand. This can be a very dangerous part of the process. Our professionals are trained and licensed to perform this practice. The safety of residents, neighbors, and our employees is our top priority with any tunneling project we handle.
    4. Once the issue is fixed, our team will take some time to close up the tunnel and finish the project.

To get started on this process, give us a call today!


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