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Plumbing & Sewer Camera Inspection Services

The Repipe Company’s state-of-the-art plumbing cameras make visual inspection quick and easy no matter where the obstruction is located. Our professional plumbers can diagnose the problem even in underground pipes without compromising your home’s foundation even under concrete or cement.

Benefits of Sewer Line Camera Inspection 

Utilizing a specially designed plumbing or drain camera for inspection allows our professional plumbers to pinpoint the exact area of obstruction in your piping system and then diagnose the problem quickly. Traditional inspection methods can be costly and create a mess by digging up pipe systems and disrupting the foundation of the home.

This process helps you save:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Your Home Pipe System from Unnecessary Damage

Sewer Camera Inspection Process

In the sewer or drain camera inspection process, our expert plumbing technicians start by utilizing a flexible rod with an attached waterproof sewer camera and lowering the device into the plumbing system of your home. This rod can twist and turn through pipe walls to transmit real-time footage to our technicians to assist in diagnosing the condition of your sewer or drain line.

After the exact placement of the obstruction or leak is located, our professional plumbing experts can recommend a plan of action to repair your home’s pipe systems.

Why Repipe? 

When you choose to team up with Repipe, you choose:

  • Efficient, affordable, and reliable service
  • Class A tested and approved PEX piping material
  • Experienced, highly trained and Uponor certified technicians

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Other Sewer & Draining Services in Houston, TX

Some of our other sewer & draining services available to the Houston area include:

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