Old pipes that have been in homes and buildings for years can potentially cause grave damage. There are many older structures within the city of Houston. The materials used to build them have withstood over many years. However, despite lasting for long periods of time, they will eventually need to be updated, especially if galvanized piping was used. Galvanized pipes primarily need to be replaced because it is common for them to rust from the inside out. Oftentimes, this goes unnoticed until the problem is much larger and harder to control.

There are a few signs that are important to pay attention to that can alert you if it’s time to a call PEX repipe specialist, including:

  • Low water pressure
  • Rusty-colored water
  • Extreme temperature changes when more than one outlet is used
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Leaking pipes

PEX repiping is an ideal replacement for galvanized pipes for many reasons, but especially since PEX pipes do not corrode like other pipes.

What is PEX Piping?

PEX is an acronym for Polyethylene (PE) that is cross-linked (X). It is quickly becoming the most sought-after repiping material due to the fact that it is very flexible, durable, and high-density. PEX offers top-of-the-line performance without the installation damage of other piping systems.


pex repiping

What are Some of the Primary Advantages of PEX?

  • PEX requires less labor and not as many fittings, which means less leaks, making it a more convenient and affordable choice for those looking to replace older galvanized piping throughout their home
  • PEX can be installed without using torches, glues, solvents and other chemicals
  • PEX can be installed without using any lead components
  • PEX has color-coded pipes which makes self-repairs easier
  • PEX is less likely to burst than other piping
  • PEX piping does not corrode like other piping
  • PEX resists chlorine and scale
  • PEX won’t lose heat like copper piping

What Are the Differences Between PEX Piping & Copper Piping?

Copper piping is another form of piping that is seen in many homes and buildings. There are a few important things to consider when trying to differentiate between PEX piping and copper piping.

PEX vs. Copper Repiping

Take a look at the break down to see how PEX piping and copper piping stack up against one another.
CostPEX is less expensive to install than copper piping
Installation TimePEX can be installed quicker than copper, primarily because it is more flexible and less fittings are required
CorrosionThere is no corrosion with PEX piping
DurabilityPEX is both flexible and durableCopper piping is durable
Sun ExposurePEX cannot be exposed to the sunCopper can be exposed to the sun
NoisePEX allows water to flow more quietly, as the “water hammer” noise of copper is virtually eliminated

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The Repipe Company uses Uponor PEX. This is considered to be the superior PEX product out there when it comes to safety and reliability. We also offer 60-month interest-free financing and full turnkey services during our pipe installations, including sheetrock, texture and paint services.

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