Fast and Reliable PEX Repiping

At The Repipe Company in Houston, TX, we work closely with our clients in every home repiping job we do. From the initial estimate to the final walkthrough, our team is here to ensure that every step of your repiping project is completed.

To ensure you receive a reliable plumbing system that will last for decades, we install Uponor PEX-a throughout your home. And to provide the best customer service experience from start to finish, we guarantee our undivided attention.

All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call today. We’ll handle everything from there!

The Repipe Process


A whole-house repipe requires more extensive work than unclogging a toilet or replacing a single pipe. Repiping involves replacing your home’s full water supply system. To properly access your water lines, cutting into your drywall and sometimes other areas is necessary. Because drywall can stir up dust when cut, our team recommends covering your furniture. During your home evaluation, we will notify you of the spaces we need to access.

Most repipes can be completed the same day, but some may take longer depending on the size of your home or scope of work. Our repiping specialists will provide an estimated timeline for completion before we begin.


During the repipe, we will remove your aged, declining system and replace it with new Uponor Class A pex piping. Our specialists will need to access rooms throughout this process where plumbing fixtures are present, including the kitchen, bathrooms, wet bar areas, and the attic in most cases. Sometimes, we may need better access to your plumbing by using a different room.

The specialists at The Repipe Company will always take very good care of your home as we move through the repiping process, informing you of the plans in advance.


During this step, our repiping specialists will run tests to ensure everything is operating correctly. Once your plumbing system is checked for any integrity issues and we ensure that all connections are properly installed and working, the water is turned back on, the system is pressure tested, and it is then flushed out. Our professional inspection is crucial to a successful whole-house repipe.


Lastly, any mess leftover from the repiping process will need to be cleaned up. Our drywall experts will patch up all holes made in the sheetrock and repaint the area, making it look as good as new. The Repipe Company can also provide professional cleaning services after the job is complete as a part of our turn-key service. Price will be reflected in every estimate.

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