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What is Hydrostatic Pressure Testing? 

Hydrostatic testing, also known as hydrostatic pressure, hydro, or leak testing, is a method utilized to test residential and commercial sewer line pipe systems to evaluate water flow and detect any possible points of leakage.

An inflatable testing device is used to create a controlled sewer blockage where we then track the flow of water and changes in water level in the sewer line to pinpoint any leaks that could be occurring beneath the slab.

What Are the Benefits of Hydrostatic Leak Testing? 

Pipes leading to main sewer lines are buried underground which makes detecting leaks difficult if they occur beyond your field of vision. Leaks can take months or years to become large enough to be noticeable and at that point, you will have notable damages and expensive repairs.

A small underground leak can draw tree roots looking for a water source towards the pipe system. Roots will grow within the hole in the pipes and cause stress to your pipe system, increasing the size of the leak and eventually breaking the pipes if not detected in time. Hydrostatic pressure testing is a more affordable preventative measure for non-visible leak detection ahead of the accumulation of costly repairs.

It’s a good idea to schedule a hydrostatic testing service when moving into a new home to detect any concealed faults. Additionally, you will want to periodically schedule hydrostatic testing services to ensure that your pipe system is continuing to function as it should. The frequency of testing will depend on the age of your home and the time of the last test. If you are unsure whether you are due for a hydrostatic pressure test, feel free to contact our team of experts with any questions!

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Procedure 

The procedure for completing hydrostatic testing includes:

  • Place the testing device within the pipe system.
  • Inflate the testing device with water to create a controlled blockage.
  • Monitor any changes in water level to determine if leakage is occurring.
  • If the water level remains steady, no leakage is occurring, if the water level drops, then leakage is detected in the system.
  • If a leak is detected, our specialist will determine the location of the leakage and the method for repair.

Our professionals are well trained and experienced in sewer line repair and replacement in case of damage is detected even if it’s underneath the foundation of the house. Our unmatched tunneling technique allows us to repair piping without having to break through the foundation without jeopardizing the integrity of the slab. Learn more about our under slab tunneling services.

To ensure that a proper testing device is placed correctly and at the right pressure level so as to not cause damage to the pipe system, be sure to get a professional to perform the test. Request a free estimate from our licensed plumbing experts in Houston.

Hydrostatic Testing with The Repipe Company 

If you are in need of a hydrostatic pressure test in the Greater Houston area, The Repipe Company has you covered. Our technicians are highly trained, licensed, and experienced in providing the most top quality, reliable service. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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