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What Is Hydro Jetting, And What Are Its Benefits?

Hydro jetting is a draincleaning process that includes using highpressure water in order to
eliminate serious clogs.

Benefits of getting hydro jetting services performed on your water system include:

  • Thoroughly cleansing the pipes and clearing severe blockages
  • Increasing the useful life span of your piping system
  • Remaining completely safe to perform; it cannot damage your piping system unless they are much older (in that case, complete repiping is needed to solve the issue)
  • Being applicable to various types of piping as well as any pipe diameter
  • Not needing to dig up pipes to carry out the service (which would increase the cost)
  • Potentially more costeffective compared to replacing sewer and drain lines

When Are Hydro Jetting Services Needed?

A thorough pipeline cleaning is recommended as a regular maintenance routine every 12 years to
be proactive against any significant buildup of material and to ensure the speed and flow of
water are up to par. It also prevents future damage and blockages from happening in the piping.

Any severe, recurring clogs that happen due to excess debris, grease, food scraps, and other
material should be flushed out as soon as possible using hydro jetting. This process is a more
permanent solution to the problem, as opposed to snaking and other plumbing methods.

Why Choose The Repipe Company?

Attempting to perform hydro jetting in a DIY fashion can run a lot of risks, and there is no
guarantee that it will completely clear out a drain stoppage. Proud to be Houstonbased, the
qualified and insured plumbing/sewer experts at The Repipe Company offer topoftheline Hydro
Jetting that proves to be efficient and professional; we also can provide a long-term warranty on
our service to ease your concerns.
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